What Is The Ideal Placements Of Lord Ganesha Idol At Home ? Rules Explained …

  All the obstacle in life will be removed with ganesha idol. The idol of Vigneshwar is given as a gift to those who wish to do so. However, there are certain rules for keeping or giving a statue of Vigneshwar at home or according to science these rules should not be ignored. Otherwise it would be inauspicious. In this context let us learn about where to put Ganapati at home. According to the vastu shastra , the idol of Vigneshwar cannot be placed in the following areas.    1. Never place Ganapati above the main entrance of the house. 2. In particular, the statue or statue of Ganesha should not be placed at all on the wall of the bathroom.  3.The idol of Ganesha should not be placed even in the bedroom. Doing so can lead to difficulties in married life. There are unnecessary worries and pressures between males and females, so avoid these placements.       Never place Natya Ganapathi or Dancing form of Ganesha at home nor should one gift such a Ganeshji to anyone. Elders be

Can Astrology Be The One Stop Solution To All Problems In Your Life?

The question "can Astrology be the one-stop solution to all life issues?" is one of those loaded questions that should be answered with a resounding yes. For centuries, astrology has been successfully used as a form of divination. Therefore, it has gained immense trust amongst people, leading to its popularity. Also, approaching prediction in astrology by date of birth i s a great tool to use to discover what your destiny holds for you as it engages your birth chart during prediction. Here are some more reasons on what makes astrology so desirable   ·          Astrology Helps To Detect Blocks And Provide Accurate Remedies   People throughout the centuries have used Astrology to chart their lives because astrological calculations can predict life blocks and provide remedies accordingly. So how do astrologers predict? Astrologers interpret the stars and the movements of the planets concerning one's birth chart, discover what obstacles and opportunities will be pr